Commercial Advantages of JVs

Stay linked to future returns on your property

As you can opt to maintain your stake in your property, joint Development enables you to be linked to the future appreciation of your property. You can then choose to either stay invested or sell your apartments at peak market prices. In an outright sale you are cut off from this advantage as you will be disposing off your property at today's prices

Beat the slow pace of an outright sale

Finding a suitable buyer is a painstakingly slow process which can take anywhere between 6 months to 1 year. Very few buyers have the upfront resources to conclude a land transaction and hence even after agreeing to a transaction, they make payments over a period of 1 year. Both factors combine to create a situation where the full commercial value of your property is realized in a minimum of 2 years.

Gain taxation benefits

The land in the retained built up space is exempted from capital gains tax. In an outright sale, you are either subject to capital gains tax or income tax depending on the tenure of your holding.

You can further benefit from a saving of 10% cost on stamp duty and registration charges as you continue to be the land owner. This provides you better margins when you choose to sell your apartments, offices or retail space.

Leverage our brand equity

Our brand equity and ability to deliver a superior product will enable you to command a selling price of Rs 100 over most competitor’s offerings