Personal Advantages of JVs

Maintenance of sentimental connection to ancestral property

Enjoy the dual benefits of maximizing the commercial potential of your property and maintaining a personal stake in it at the same time.

Provide for an expanding household

Developing your property is a great solution towards providing for an expanding household. Since different family members can be allotted different apartments at the same complex, they can live their individual private lives and at the same time maintain their family bonds.

Personalize your property

Gain the flexibility to design your houses that come to your share in the way you or your family members may like it

Freedom from routine maintenance

Since Joint ventures involved the complete redevelopment of all fixed assets and structures at your property, it results in the reduction of cost, labor management and effort associated with maintenance and repairs. Additionally, the development of a housing society ensures that the responsibility for maintenance is also divided amongst a large group of persons.

Enjoy greater personal security

Employment of security staff and the presence of a larger number of fellow residents will deter thieves and trespassers from trying to gain access to your personal property. This is especially beneficial for your dependents while you are away from your home.

Community living

Apartment complexes generally feature residents from varied communities and backgrounds. Their proximity to one another encourages them to interact as a community and participate in each other’s personal celebrations and religious events. In summary, apartment complexes promote the development of a cosmopolitan lifestyle.